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Phil'N The Blanks

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Once You Go Blank, You Never Go Back


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Phil'N The Blanks 6th Annual Farewell Tour Dates


January 31 , 2015------------------------------Cebars Euclid ------------------------9PM

February 28 , 2015-----------------------HQ (Formerly Coach's)--------------------9:30PM

April 4 , 2015------------------------------Cebars Euclid ------------------------9PM

June 19 , 2015------------------------------Cebars Euclid ------------------------9PM

July 11 , 2015------------------------------Pristava Steak Roast ------------------------7PM

Aug 16 , 2015------------------------------Sts Robert &William Festival------------------------5PM


Past Shows

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Fabulous Phil Bucur

Vocals, Guitar, Percussion




Johnny Guitar Perovsek

Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica

Bobby J

Guitar, Keys, Bass

Matt "Mo" Mocadlo


Tony Papaleo






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Bobby J

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